Converting an Email into a Task

Any Pixie email, whether in your Priority or Other tab, can be made into a task.

Note: You can also add an email to an existing task.

With the email open, click Create task from email.


The task is created automatically, and appears in the To do tab. The default task name is the subject of the email, and the default subtask is “Review email.”


A task created from an email can be edited or renamed like any other task, or marked as complete or reassigned. The “Review email” subtask is an instruction subtask, and you can add more subtasks as needed. While the task is open, you can assign the task to a client if needed, and the clicking the three-dot icon displays options to save the task as a template, apply an existing template, make recurring, or delete the task.


The email itself also appears in the Emails .


The email will also appear as a client email.

Note: Associating an email with a task also helps to keep client files organized.


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