Instruction Subtasks

Instruction subtasks tell the task assignee what needs to be done. Clients do not see instruction subtasks - they are for your team’s internal use.

All HTML formatting is available, and you can attach any relevant files. To present action items as a to-do list, you can use the To-do HTML formatting. The advantage to To-do formatting is so that the task assignee can check off tasks, which cannot be done with bullet or numbered lists.


To add multiple levels to a to-do list, or to a bulleted or numbered list, select the item to indent and press the Tab key. Each time you press Tab, the item moves one level inward.


All other text formatting options are available as well, such as bold, italics, colors, and hyperlinks, and you can add videos to your instructions as well.

After saving an instruction subtask, you can see how it will appear to the task assignee.


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