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Scheduled tasks: Template overrides

How to customise the scheduling of a task on an individual client basis.

Sometimes we may need a task to be scheduled differently depending on the client the task is assigned to.


We can customise the trigger date of a task using client date fields, but we can also change the task schedule on an individual client basis using the template override feature.

We have more information on using client date fields to trigger tasks here.


To do this, we first need to have scheduled a task for this client (we have a full guide to this here), we then need to open the client record, and select the Recurring tasks tab.



From here, we need to look for the task schedule we would like to amend, and select the little pencil icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this task's information card.



This will show the current scheduling of the task from the template settings, with a checkbox below for if you'd like to override these.



Once you select the checkbox, you will be able to amend the scheduling of this task using the same options that are available when editing the scheduling of an entire template.



Once you've changed this information as needed, please make sure to select Change schedule to save these settings.


Any changes made here will only apply to this client only, and not to the overall template itself, so if you would like to change the scheduling of this task for all clients, you would need to amend the template itself. We have more information on how to edit a task template here.