Task Templates

For workspace admins only

Templates can be configured for tasks that need to be completed more than once. These could be identical one-time tasks for different clients such as onboarding, or recurring tasks such as monthly bookkeeping.

Note: We have a library of Pixie-ready task templates you can download and import into your system.

Task templates can be selected when creating a new task, and can be used for setting up recurring tasks.

To view and configure task templates, click Settings across the top and open the Task templates tab. Several default templates are provided.


To the right of each template are icons you can use to edit the template or use it to create a task.

Clicking the three-dot icon displays options to clone (copy) the template (for example, to clone a Monday task to create an identical Tuesday task), share the template URL for others to download, export for other Pixie users to import, or delete.

Exported templates can be brought into other Pixie accounts via the Import template button at the top of the table.


To create a new template from scratch, click Add template at the top. Assign a name and optional description, and the default assignee. You can set the template to recur, or skip this step to create a one-time task template.

You have flexibility with task recurrence; once a task is created you can set a one-time task to recur, or edit or cancel the scheduling of a recurring task.


Recurrence options are a specific date, particular week day, month day (e.g second Wednesday each month), or On client date field. With this option, you can choose from any custom client field that is in date format. You can also set the number of days before or after the specified date when the task is to start.


After clicking Next, you can add subtasks to the template. Once a template is used to create a task, you can edit its subtasks.


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