Task Label Settings

Similar to tags in other applications, labels can be assigned while working through tasks. They can also be added to templates, so every task created using the template will automatically have these labels attached.

Labels can be used, for example, to indicate task status, urgency, or type of client, and are displayed in the Task list and other locations where tasks are listed.

Note that the Overdue label is applied automatically to tasks past their due date, which are not marked as complete.


To view, edit, or add task labels, click Settings across the top of your workspace and open the Task labels tab.


Several default labels are provided, and you can add more as needed. You can edit the name of each label or click its colour swatch to set the label's background colour. Be sure to click Save all changes when finished.

Some Pixie users find it helpful to create colour-coded label groups. For example, task frequency, client types, service packages, or internal tasks.


Labels are automatically displayed in the order they are created, so when you create a new label, it will appear at the bottom of the existing list.

To reorder your list of labels, click and drag them into the order you desire using the three bars to the left of the Colour choice and remember to Save all changes when you're finished.


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