Can I send one-off emails from the shared inbox account?

It's only possible to send email subtasks and reply to emails in the shared inbox using this feature, as the shared inbox is designed more for the management and standardisation of emails rather than as an outreach tool.

The only way to send one-off emails from the central email address would be to log in to the Pixie account the shared inbox is linked with and send them from there.

How do I see emails sent using the shared inbox feature?

As the shared inbox is technically another user's inbox, this works in the same way as when another user sends or receives emails to or from a client. Whilst there isn't a sent box for the shared inbox as though you were viewing your own inbox, any emails sent to clients will be visible in the files tab of their client record and attached to a task (if applicable).

To see all emails sent from this email address, you would need to log into the Pixie account of the user the email is linked with.

Does my team need to have their own emails linked to use our shared inbox?

Users in a workspace don't need to have an email integrated with their individual Pixie account to access the shared inbox, as long as the shared inbox has been set up in the workspace.

However, if users want to send one-off emails, they do need to have an email linked with their own account, as the shared inbox only works for sending emails from within tasks or replying to received messages.

I'm trying to send a one-off email but I keep being redirected to the shared inbox; why is this?

This is likely to be because you don't have an email linked with your Pixie account. To send one-off emails, you need to have an email account linked to your own account in Pixie, as it isn't possible to create one-off emails using the shared inbox.

If you're unsure if you have your email integrated with Pixie, you can check by going to Settings > Email integration.

If you have integrated your email with your account, you will see your email details here; if not, you will see the option to choose whether to link to Gmail or Office365.

Can I link multiple shared inboxes?

For ease of use, it's currently only possible to select one inbox to be shared at once. Doing otherwise would present complexities with choosing which email Pixie uses to send each email, etc.

If you need to monitor multiple shared inboxes, you could potentially create multiple "shared inbox" user accounts in Pixie and switch between shared inboxes in Workspace settings when you need to.

We wouldn't recommend this, however, as if you have the toggle to force email subtasks to be sent from the shared inbox switched On, any email subtasks will be sent from whichever email is set as the shared inbox when they are sent. Doing this could make it difficult to keep track of emails if you're using multiple inboxes.