How many auto-reminders can I send?

You can create up to four auto-reminders when setting up the signature request (any more than this, and the emails may end up in the client's spam folder). You can also send manual reminders through the signature request task.

Can I set up auto-reminders after creating the document request?

You're not able to set up auto-reminders after sending the e-signature request to a client, but you can send manual reminders through the task the request is attached to.

When do auto-reminders stop?

Pixie will automatically stop sending auto-reminders once the client has signed the document or if the maximum total reminders have been sent.

What type of documents can I send?

Documents must be in PDF format.

How many signature requests do I have?

The number of signature requests available in your workspace depends on the billing tier of your subscription. This is determined by the number of active clients in your workspace. (More on our pricing plans here)

Each billing tier has a set number of signature requests available per month, but if you are on an annual billing plan, you will receive 12 months' worth of signature requests immediately.

If your subscription is billed monthly, the number of signature requests available to you will renew monthly and are as follows:

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 19.24.46

If your subscription is billed yearly, the number of signature requests available to you will renew annually and are as follows:

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 19.25.22

Please note - this is counted per request, not individual signature or document. So you could have multiple signees and documents in one request and this will only count as one.

How will I know when my client has signed the document?

You'll receive an email that says "your document signing request has been completed", with a link to the relevant task. It will also show as a completed task in your work tab.

How do I access signed document/s?

You can access the document via the relevant task or through files on the client record. From there, you can view or download the signed documents.

Is Document Signing included in my plan?

Pixie's Document Signing is included in all subscriptions under the tiered pricing plan by default, so will already be accessible in your workspace when you sign up!

If you've been using Pixie for a while and don't have access to the document signing feature, this would mean you were a Pixie customer before our tiered pricing plans came into effect. Please contact us if you'd like to add this feature to your workspace.

If you'd like to find out more about how our pricing works you can do so here and here

If I haven't used all of my signatures this month, will they roll over to next month?

On our monthly plan, unused signature requests don't roll over to the next month, but if you sign up for the annual plan, your signature requests are available immediately, and you have access to all of these for the entire year.

Can my client sign the document in a specific place on the page?

It's currently not possible to sign a document in a specific place with Pixie's Document Signing; however, Tax returns and yearly accounts signed through Pixie meet any client approval requirements for HMRC and Companies House, regardless of where the signature is placed.

The most important part of the signature request is the certificate of completion, which shows that the signature is valid and legally binding; this is included in Pixie's document signing.

Find out more about the international compliance and security of our document signing here.

Is there a maximum file size I can send?

In a single signature request, you can send any pdf file/s as long as the total file/s have less than 200 pages, and are smaller than 25MB in size. If either of these criteria are met or exceeded, the signature request will not send and/or you will receive an error message.

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 19.25.49

Is there a maximum number of signatories I can choose?

A single signature request can be sent to up to 50 signatories at once.