Client Import Errors

If you are importing a spreadsheet of clients or contacts, please be aware of these most common errors.


The first is incorrectly mapping the email field. Pixie sometimes wants to map the EMAIL field to the Primary Contact > Email. This is incorrect and why you will receive this error. This error can also appear if anything to do with Primary Contact is selected as a mapped field. Other common errors revolve around the Primary Contact fields. Please watch the above video for clarification.


Here's how to correct it: Ensure the EMAIL is selected not Primary Contact > Email.


Another error is the same column mapped to the same client field more than once. Be aware of the yellow alerts. That means something may not be correct.


You DO NOT need to click Confirm Mapping on every row. You can simply scroll to the bottom before clicking Review.

Once you've moved to the next screen, you can double check before importing. This screen allows you to make adjustments like you would in your spreadsheet before submitting.

Here's an example of a duplicate client name showing an error. The error fields will appear in red. You can adjust these manually on this page.


Click the "only show rows with problems" button to narrow down your search.